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How to Reinstall TFS 2015 Reports and Rebuild the reporting databases
Upgrades, running out of disk-space, admins gone rogue…there are many things that can disrupt your Team Foundation Server’s reporting databases. Luckily, there is a fairly quick and easy way to re-install the TFS SSRS reports and rebuild the Tfs_Warehouse and Tfs_Analysis databases. As all items are boilerplate reports and generated databases. To do this, we will work with the following components on TFS 2015 and SQL Server 2012 R2: ·         TFS 2015 SSRS Report Manager: http://Your_TFS_Machine_Name/Reports ·         Tfs_Warehouse: SQL Server Database ·         Tfs_Analsis: SQL Server Analysis Services Database
Recently, my Continuous Integration Powershell scripts began failing with the following error messages: [error]Copy-Item : Container cannot be copied onto existing leaf item. The fix: Get-ChildItem -Path $Source | Copy-Item -Destination $Destination -Recurse -Container