Genesys Cloud Web Environment

GENESYS CLOUD WEB ENVIRONMENT is a pre-setup Cloud Infrastructure + Open .NET Stack, for developers and teams to rapidly provision a working dev environment in 15 minutes and start coding

Save days of setup and plumbing!


⇒ For Indie Developers

Get the solo All-In-One Visual Studio Dev Machine. Starts under $49 USD/mo
   ✅ [All-In-One] Visual Studio VM +IIS +SQL Server
   ✅ Includes Genesys Framework .NET Source Code
   ✅ Includes Azure Infrastructure Cost

⇶ For Engineers and Teams

Get All 3 Cloud Web Environment servers. Starts under $99 USD/mo for all (each sold separately)
   ✅ All-3 Cloud Web Environment Servers
      1. [Server 1 of 3] Pre-setup IIS Web Server
      2. [Server 2 of 3] Pre-setup SQL Server
      3. [Server 3 of 3] Visual Studio 2017 Dev VM

   ✅ Includes Genesys Framework .NET Source Code
   ✅ Includes Azure Infrastructure Cost
   ✴ Each sold separately

Try the Cloud Web Environment in the Azure Marketplace HERE


What's in the Cloud Web Environment?

Includes everything you need to develop and run In-Cloud on current .NET and SQL versions. Our code travels light. Genesys Framework is 100% made from standard Microsoft .NET dependencies in the Visual Studio C# MVC, Web API, WPF and UWP templates.

 1 IIS Web Server 2016 Virtual Machine [Server 1 of 3]

  • Includes: Windows Server 2016, IIS 10, .NET 4.7, Remote Desktop, Public IP
  • Already-running Framework for MVC site
  • Already-running Framework for Web API services

 1 SQL Server 2016 Virtual Machine [Server 2 of 3]

  • Includes: Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016, Remote Desktop access, Public IP
  • Already-running FrameworkData DB

 1 Visual Studio 2017 Machine [Server 3 of 3]

  • Includes: Windows Server 2016, IIS 10, .NET 4.7, SQL Server 2016, Remote Desktop, Public IP
  • Genesys Framework open stack: Framework for MVC, Web API, WPF and Universal/Xamarin
  • Ready to code and publish to your Web Server and SQL Server
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Cloud Web Environment eBook (PDF)

Discover how easy it is to develop and run your web and mobile apps from the cloud. Cloud Web Environment includes everything you need to write, publish and host your apps in the cloud, at a fracation of the cost and time of on-premises.