Genesys Framework eBook (PDF)

This is the guide on How-to Install, Debug and Use the Genesys Framework. Including: - Genesys Framework for MVC - Genesys Framework for Web API - Genesys Framework for WPF - Genesys Framework for Universal Genesys Source Framework is a full-stack .NET solution with Data Tier, Middle Tier and Presentation Tier projects that centralize your business objects in one reusable solution. Your framework C# objects then can be used in any app type that you may need - in a web site, in a web service, in a mobile app and in the database.
Vendor: Genesys Source

This is the guide on How-to Install, Debug and Use the Genesys Framework for MVC, Web API, WPF and Universal. 

Genesys Framework Quick-Starts brings reusability to your App, including:

* Data Access Object base classes such as SaveableEntity, ReadOnlyEntity, ImageEntity and HtmlEntity. These Genesys Framework base classes bring Predicate Validation, GetByID(), GetByKey(), GetAll(), Save() and Delete() and much more.

* MvcController and WebApiController base classes with Send(), custom routing and Http Verb patterns built-in.

* View Model base class ModelEntity with self-serialization, FillByInterface() and FillByProperty() casting methods to handle all common types of transportation and conversion.

* Only 2 code-first tables necessary with the Genesys Framework Quick-Start, The Activity table for tracking data changes and the ExceptionLog table for logging exceptions in all tiers.

Genesys Framework brings full-stack, cross-platform reusability without the cost and uncertainty.


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