Genesys Framework Foundation 2017.04 Released

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The latest Genesys Framework Foundation iteration is available to our group of preview code ninjas. We thank you for taking a look at our take on framework reusability.
Summary of work items resolved in this iteration are:
• Genesys.Extensions.IQueryableExtension: Added IQueryable<T>.LastOrDefaultSafe().
• Genesys.Extras.Configuration.ConnectionStringSafe: Fixed construction and handling
• Genesys.Foundation.Entity data access layer separation of concerns improvements:
o CrudEntity<TEntity> and ReadOnlyEntity<TEntity>: Entity that supports CRUD operations against any datastore (DB, web service, xml document, etc.)
o EntityWriter<TEntity>, EntityReader<TEntity>: Command objects for reading/writing an entity to a datastore.
o SaveableDatabase, ReadOnlyDatabase: Entity Framework wrappers for consistent writing/reading interfaces in all tiers.
o Depreciated static data-access methods in DAO entity abstract classes. Replaced with constructed methods that are interface-enforced.
• Genesys.Foundation.Database.FoundationData: Starter-Solution sample SQL Server database has been changed from FrameworkData to FoundationData.
• Release notes:
• Setup Guide:

We thank you for taking a look at our framework and code reuse solutions.
- Genesys Source Dev Team

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Preview Disclaimer
All Genesys software, services and source code provided, including the Genesys Framework Foundation, are currently in limited Preview, as outlined in our preview disclaimer notice available on

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