Genesys Framework Iteration 2016.06 Released!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The latest Genesys Framework iteration is available to our group of preview code ninjas! We thank you for taking a look at our take on framework reusability.

Summary of work items resolved in this iteration are:

  • Aligned connection string standards for convention over configuration use of connection strings.
  • Introduced automatic default routes for MidServices and AppServices service layers.
  • All tiers now support an int ID and a Guid Key
  • Static dependencies are now in-line with the project folders, as \lib and \src

The upcoming iterations will bring runtime samples and unit-test libraries to demonstrate the Genesys Framework functionality.

Thank you for previewing the Genesys Framework and Enjoy!

 - Dev Team


Important Disclaimer!

All Genesys software, services and source code provided, including the Genesys Framework, are currently in limited Preview, as outlined in our preview disclaimer notice available on


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