Genesys Source Framework 2017.03 Released

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The latest Genesys Source Framework iteration is available to our group of preview code ninjas. We thank you for taking a look at our take on framework reusability.

Summary of work items resolved in this iteration are:

·         Activity table renamed to ActivityContext to avoid naming collisions.

·         ActivityContext and ExceptionLog code-first objects now both will self-create their tables.

·         Added tech notation (Mvc, Wpf, etc.) to icons.

·         Simplified the and checkout

·         Genesys Source private repo moved to VSTS.

·         Setup Guide:

·         Release notes:


We thank you for taking a look at our framework of code reuse solutions.

- Dev Team


Other sites of interest...

Genesys Source Framework:

Setup Quick-Guide:

Reference Docs:

Genesys Source in Visual Studio:

Genesys Source on GitHub:


Preview Disclaimer

All Genesys software, services and source code provided, including the Genesys Source Framework, are currently in limited Preview, as outlined in our preview disclaimer notice available on

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