Genesys Source Framework 2017.05 Released

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Genesys Source Framework Iteration 2017.05 has been released. Summary of changes in this iteration are:


  • Genesys.Extensions.StringExtension.TryParseUri() string class extension method added.
  • Genesys.Extras.Serialization.JsonSerializer Default Json DateTime format now ISO8601: "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH':'mm':'ss'.'fff"
  • Genesys.Extras.Net.HttpRequest<>: Constructors allow either Uri or string.


  • Genesys.Foundation.Web, Windows, Universal: Introduced new projects of foundation classes to support web-based apps, windows-based apps and Universal/Xamarin-based apps.
  • Genesys.Foundation.Entity: Further refined the DAO foundation classes, and data-access helper classes.
  • Genesys.Foundation.Entity: CrudEntity and ReadOnlyEntity: Entity that supports CRUD operations against any datastore (DB, web service, xml document, etc.)
  • Genesys.Foundation.Entity: EntityWriter, EntityReader: Command objects for reading/writing an entity to a datastore.
  • Genesys.Foundation.Entity: SaveableDatabase, ReadOnlyDatabase: Entity Framework wrappers for consistent writing/reading interfaces in all tiers.

Genesys Foundation for Web API, WPF and Universal

  • Foundation.WebServices: Default Web API Json Serializer changed to JSON.NET. DataContractJsonSerializer formatter is now 2nd in line.
  • ISO8601 DateTime in Json is explicitly tested in all tiers, all projects.

SDLC, QA and DevOps

  • Added over 100 unit-tests to the various projects.
  • Fakes added for Customer objects, to test CustomerInfo/CustomerModel in Extensions and Foundation solutions.
  • NuGet versioning now: 3.YY.MM.hhh
  • Genesys assembly versioning: 3.YY.MM
  • Added post-release regression tests in an effort to ensure all products work first time, every time.

We thank you for taking a look at our framework and code reuse solutions.

- Genesys Source Dev Team

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