Genesys Source Framework 2017.08 Released

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Genesys Framework is available for Zip download or directly in the Visual Studio marketplace.
Summary of code changes in this iteration are:
* Genesys Extensions and Framework
  + ObjectExtension: DirectCastSafe() and DirectCastOrFill renamed to Cast() and CastOrFill() for conciseness.
  + Primary recommended IDE is now Visual Studio 2017
  + Primary recommended DBMS is now SQL Server 2016
  + Projects now have PreBuild.Debug.bat, PreBuild.Release.bat, PostBuild.Debug.bat, PostBuild.Release.bat for pre-build and post-build operations.

* Presentation Tier
  + Upgraded Framework.WebApp (MVC) and Framework.WebService (Web API) to standard Html 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3 and JQuery 3
  + Framwork.WebApp: Customer Search, Summary, Create Edit, Delete pages upgraded: Bootstrap design standards.
  + .Config files now transform based on Debug or Release.
* Middle Tier
  + HttpRequestClient now supports Header-only responses, for when you want a response but not response data.
    - I.e. when ‘pinging”: see if a large Zip file exists…we want: ignore that entire Zip file in the response..
* Data Tier
  + SQL Express support deepened, look for App_Data\*.mdb
  + Framework.Database (SSDT) support for SQL Server and SQL Express
    - SQL Express Local: Framework.Database\Publish\PublishToLocal.publish.xaml
    - SQL Server Dev: Framework.Database\Publish\PublishToDev.publish.xaml
    - SQL Server Prod: Framework.Database\Publish\Production\PublishToProd.publish.xaml
* Reminder about Important interface-breaking changes:
  + Aligned: Microsoft .NET conventions.
    - Genesys.Extensions dependencies have been renamed: Genesys.Extensions.Standard and Genesys.Extensions.Core.
    - Genesys.Foundation namespace is phased out as of this release. Please update: Genesys.Framework namespace by downloading build 2017.08 or later.
* Release Notes:
* Data Sheet:
* Setup Guide:

We thank you for taking a look at our cross-platform full-stack business object reusability framework.
- Genesys Developers

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