Genesys Source Framework 2017.12 Released

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Genesys Framework 2017.12 is now available for download ( or directly in Visual Studio (Tools->Extensions-and-Updates.) Open-source, cross-platform, full-stack business object reusability made easy!


Summary of changes in this iteration are:

* Documentation

     - Genesys Quick-Start Framework User Guide:

     - Debugging your Genesys Framework App:

     - Publishing your Genesys Framework App:


* Framework (All)

     - HttpRequestDelete class now does not explicity check or handle reponse body. Can still use .Reponse property to query delete response data.

     - CRUD success checks are to use CrudEntity.IsNew or ModelEntity.IsNew property

     - Condensed checks to null coalesce operator (??)

     - Condensed == true and == false to shorthand (nothing and !) for conciseness.

     - Updated assets (icons, etc.) in all projects.


* Framework.WebApp (MVC)

     - Fixed Bootstrap Glyphicons not showing properly in some sections.

     - TempData[] now being used for success messages.

     - ModelDictionary being used for error messages.

     - Fixed CustomerEdit.cshtml, script section was inside of divs, moved outside.


* Framework.WebServices (Web API)

     - Reduced path length to enable XML documentation


* Framework.UniversalApp (WPF)

     - UI now responsive layout. Migrating to Fluid Design.


* Framework.UniversalApp (UWP)

     - UI now responsive layout. Migrating to Fluid Design.


* Quick Guide:

* Full Guide:

* Release Notes:


If you have any problems with your new cross-platform full-stack business object reusability framework, feel free to contact us.  We’re here to help.

– Dev Team


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