Genesys Source Framework 2018.12 Released

Friday, December 21, 2018

Genesys Source Framework 2018.12 has been released, which adds expression-based Validation and Rules. Simultaneously supports .NET Core & .NET 4. Available for download or in Visual Studio Extensions and Updates


Genesys Framework 4 is now available for download ( or in Visual Studio (Tools->Extensions-and-Updates.) Open-source, cross-platform, full-stack business and domain object reusability made easy!


What’s new in this release?

* Breaking changes?

     - Database: No

     - Interfaces: No

     - Infrastructure: No


* Extensions

     - ActrivityContext.PrincipalIPAddress now auto-fills based on current environment DNS


* Framework

     - EntityReader.GetByPage() fixed to not skip over first results

     - IDescription abstracted away and now exists as standalone interface

     - EntityInfo<> Rules() and FailedRules() now methods and no longer serialized


* Framework for Core, MVC, Web API, UWP, WPF

     - CrudViewModel<> depreciated, replaced by ViewModel<>


* eBook:

* Welcome:

* Release Notes:


If you have any problems with your new cross-platform full-stack business object reusability framework, feel free to contact us at 


Keep Coding!

- Robert and the Dev Team


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