Genesys Source Framework 2019.02 Released

Monday, March 11, 2019

Genesys Source Framework 2019.02 has been released, which migrates closer to DDD Onion, Microservice, Event-based and functional approach. Genesys Source Framework is a n-tier DDD object framework allowing entities to migrate up and down your stack naturally without plumbing, no DTOs or mappers needed.


Genesys Framework 4 is now available for download ( or in Visual Studio (Tools->Extensions-and-Updates.) Open-source, cross-platform, full-stack business and domain object reusability made easy!


What’s new in this release?

* Breaking changes?

     - Database: No

     - Interfaces: No

     - Infrastructure: Yes. Upgraded to .NET Core 2.2, MVC 5.2.7


* Extensions

     - TypeExtension.DefaultTYPE helper has been renamed to Defaults.TYPE


* Framework

     - Added ActiveRecordEntity abstract class to support Active Record Design Pattern. Has static methods for GetById(), GetByKey(), GetAll(), GetByWhere(), Save() and Delete()

     - ConfigurationValue class has been renamed to ValueConfiguration for consistency with IEntityConfiguration convention

     - ConfigurationEntity class has been renamed to EntityConfiguration for consistency with IEntityConfiguration convention


* Framework for Core

     - Upgraded to .NET Core 2.2


* Framework for MVC and Web API

     - Upgraded to MVC 5.2.7


* Framework for UWP and WPF

     - Upgraded to .NET Core 2.2


* eBook:

* Welcome:

* Release Notes:


If you have any problems with your new cross-platform full-stack business object reusability framework, feel free to contact us at 


Keep Coding!

- Robert and the Dev Team


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