Genesys Framework Iteration 2016.02 Released!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Genesys Framework, iteration 2016.02, is live and available to our selected group of code ninjas! This iteration includes fixes, alignments and full-stack cycle testing. Did I mention lots and lots of fixes?

Important Disclaimer! The Genesys Framework is not ready for use. This release is a very, very early access release. Expect major structural changes, expect interfaces and endpoints to be broken, expect bugs and issues galore.

Some work items resolved in this iteration are:

  • Full-stack cycle fixes of the Genesys Framework for Universal Applications
  • Aligned full-stack base classes to encapsulate all tier communication
  • Ensured strong-typing across all tiers and across http transport
  • Resolved serialization issues between abstract and concrete classes using the same interfaces
  • All classes are CLS Compliant
  • Added type-safe classes for List<>, KVP and IQueryable<>

The next two iterations will include stabilization of the framework and alignment of standards, with the ultimate goal of un-locking registration and Genesys Framework downloads in Summer 2016.

Thank you for previewing the Genesys Framework and Enjoy!


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