Genesys Framework Iteration 2016.03 Released!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Genesys Framework, iteration 2016.03, is live and available to our selected group of code ninjas!

Important Disclaimer! The Genesys Framework is not ready for use. This release is a very, very early access release. Expect major structural changes, expect interfaces and endpoints to be broken, expect bugs and issues galore.

Some work items resolved in this iteration are:

  • Fixed clean-machine missing dependencies, all now included in repo download.
  • Universal UI controls now support two-way data binding, and include Validate() for data validation.
  • OkCancel universal control now overlays the progress ring over buttons to show progress
  • Added RGB classes for ease of conversion between hex and RGB-Alpha.
  • WorkflowBase Behavior attribute now supports multiple values, instead of only one attribute value.
  • On-premises TFS integration with the GitHub repo.

The upcoming iterations will bring runtime samples and unit-test libraries to demonstrate the Genesys Framework functionality.

Thank you for previewing the Genesys Framework and Enjoy!


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