Genesys Framework Preview Ready for Code Ninjas!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

We are proud to make the Genesys Framework preview available to a select group of code ninjas! The Genesys Framework is an open-source, full-stack, cross-platform framework to help you get your app going quickly!

The Genesys Framework was written out of necessity to stop code duplication. Us coders go to work for a new shop, and have to re-write our entire common library of utility functionality, re-write our data access layers, re-write generic business logic, re-write UI user controls, partial views and screens.

We decided enough is enough. And the Genesys Framework was born.

This release is meant to allow a select few elite coder (Code Ninjas!) very early preview access to the Genesys Framework. Download, evaluate, change, recommend and use as you see fit!

Important Disclaimer! The Genesys Framework is not ready for use. This release is a very, very early access release. Expect major structural changes, expect interfaces and endpoints to be broken, expect bugs and issues galore.

We will release monthly builds as 2016 goes on. We will stabilize and release Genesys Framework iterations throughout the preview phase, the release candidate phase and into the release to manufacturing phase.

You are welcome to download each monthly release to see what we are up to! Genesys Framework is open-source and free, so we have nothing to hide here!

Thank you for reading and Enjoy!


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4/20/2016 9:35 AM
Thanks to the ninjas!

A quick thank you to the code ninjas that help review the framework design, coding standards and architecture. You guys and gals are the best!

12/24/2016 9:33 AM
What a joy to find s

What a joy to find soenmoe else who thinks this way.