Cloud Web Environment eBook (PDF)

Discover how easy it is to develop and run your web and mobile apps from the cloud. Cloud Web Environment includes everything you need to write, publish and host your apps in the cloud, at a fracation of the cost and time of on-premises.
Manufacturer: Genesys Source
Vendor: Genesys Source

Genesys Cloud Web Environment is a unified set of running Azure Virtual Machines. Pre-setup with the open-source Genesys Source Framework cross-platform .NET stack...jump-starts development of your next .NET project.

Includes everything you need to develop and run in the cloud on current .NET and SQL versions:

1 IIS Web Server 2016 Virtual Machine

  • With one running MVC site -- Framework.WebApp MVC project
  • and one running Web API service -- Framework.WebService Web API project

1 SQL Server 2016 Virtual Machine

  • With FrameworkData database -- Framework.Database SSDT project

1 Visual Studio 2017 Virtual Machine

Ready-to-debug ready-to-publish to your new IIS Web Server and SQL Server.

  • With your new full-stack source code -- pre-setup and ready-to-run
  • Includes:
    • Genesys Framework for MVC project + source code
    • Genesys Framework for Web API project + source code
    • Genesys Framework for WPF project + source code
    • Genesys Framework for Universal project + source code
    • Genesys Extensions cross-platform common library project + source code

Skip the setup time and get your complete Cloud Web Environment up and running today.

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